We may not be making music together anymore, but we had a lot of fun back in the days when we did. Maybe you used to know us? Maybe you came to some of our shows? You perhaps picked us up off the floor when we were slightly inebriated? Perhaps you gave us a tow when our van broke down on the M1? Bought us drinks? Maybe we stole your girlfriends or threw up on your floor or stayed at your house and ate your mum's lasagna? We possibly played live in a field on your farm, to 200 of your friends and some sheep? We probably drank your beer and stole some of your chips.

However you know us, or don't, come take a look around our site and relive those heady days of lollipops and sunshine, cider and black, pigvan gigs and songs about chainsaws and German airmen and police officers and unrequited love in the bikesheds and incidentally, where IS Clare Grogan now?

Rediscover the catchy tunes of four young Nottingham hipsters, once known as Fat Tulips. You can check out MP3s of some of our music, you can find out where you can buy our album or some of our singles or look at the lyrics so you can sing along to your favourite Fatties song.

If you prefer, you can just dig the dirt on each band member and what they're up to now, or, read some articles on Fat Tulips from various fanzines - it's all in here along with photographs, interviews, discography information and lots of other cool things we might decide to throw into the mix just because we can! Can you afford to miss it? We think not! Strap on that fuzz guitar and come on over and play!!!!